Due to Government advice, the AGM for May 2020 has been postponed, and the booking for the Annual Dock and River Cruise this June has been cancelled. We will be communicating with members by post in due course.
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Dear Rosemary,

We are all very sad indeed to hear the news that Gordon has passed away.

He led such a very active professional and political life, and was always very well respected.

For us, of course, his great success was mobilising the general public to save the Mersey Ferries. Filling halls with the supportive public was a major achievement in 1977, quickly followed by getting Parliament, no less, to remove the clause in a Bill which would undoubtedly have led to the closure of the Ferries.

Our Committee meetings, chaired by Gordon, were very productive but always enjoyable, even sociable!   Much was attained, and as you know investment in vessels, infrastructure and staffing followed as politicians realised the determination of the public, rallied by the Friends, to keep the services running.

So, Merseyside is grateful for Gordon’s initiative all those years ago, and today the Ferries are a very important icon for the region. Friends are still active in promoting and defending the Ferries (we still have about 500 annually paid-up members), and the good news in recent weeks is that designs have now been produced by Merseytravel for a new ferry vessel hopefully to be built in the next few years.

Our regards and condolences to you and your family from us all.

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Hodgson

Chair, Friends of the Ferries across the Mersey.

19 January 2018 
Mr Frank Field, MP
House of Commons

Dear Mr Field,

Future of the Mersey Ferry Royal Daffodil

As you may recall, Friends of the Ferries was set up in 1977, when there was first a threat to the future of the Mersey ferries, to try to ensure their continued existence as a local transport and leisure facility. We have around 500 annually paid-up members, the majority of whom live in various parts of Wirral. We are writing to seek you help in arranging a meeting with the Liverpool City Region Mayor Steve Rotheram, as this is proving extremely difficult.

We meet periodically with Councillor Robinson, the Chair of Merseytravel, and some of his senior managers. One issue which regularly comes to the fore is the future of the Ferry Royal Daffodil (formerly Overchurch), which has been laid up for several years. Merseytravel maintains that it needs only the other two ferries (Royal Iris of the Mersey and Snowdrop) to operate its services. We have always disputed this and believe that imaginative use of the additional facilities added by Merseytravel to the Royal Daffodil should be exploited, particularly in connection with the growing number of waterfront and other conferences being held in Liverpool. This could provide income (at a rate of about £1000 per hour) from the vessel, rather than incurring the costs involved in laying her up, and would make a third vessel available in the event of problems with either of the other two vessels.

In our view, the unsatisfactory nature of the present arrangements was shown up by the accident on 10 July 2016, when the Royal Iris of the Mersey struck an obstacle while on a Manchester Ship Canal cruise. She was out of service for several months and has needed to be taken out of service several times since. Inevitably, with only one vessel available on occasions, services have suffered and there have been too many cancellations of the regular ferry sailings, especially in the summer period, resulting in a loss of revenue, as well as inconvenience to passengers and loss of reputation. The following list shows the days of which we are aware (there may also be others) in recent months when the ferry service was not running:

Date 2017 Reason
Sun July 23 Royal Iris broke down in Manchester Ship Canal ; Snowdrop serving liner Azamara Journey.
Fri July 26 Royal Iris still out of service; Snowdrop on Manchester Ship Canal Cruise.
Sat July 27 Royal Iris still out of service; Snowdrop in Canal.
Fri Aug 4 Early finish at 17.40. Royal Iris still out of service; Snowdrop needed for evening cruise.
Wed Aug 23 No service until 17.00. Royal Iris under maintenance; Snowdrop in Canal.
Thurs Sept 21 No service morning and early afternoon. Royal Iris broke down. Snowdrop in Canal.
Sun Oct 1 Royal Iris broke down; Snowdrop in Canal.
Thurs Oct 5 No service until 15.00. Royal Iris broke down; Snowdrop in Canal.

 As you can see, on many occasions the ferry service has been suspended because priority has been given to the Manchester Ship Canal trips or even to tendering a visiting cruise ship.

One particularly sad feature of this business is that the Royal Daffodil is the last remaining Mersey ferry to have been built by Cammell Laird. Her permanent loss would mean the disappearance of another part of our local heritage.

We have been trying to arrange a meeting with Steve Rotheram, but our letters appear not to reach him; instead they have been forwarded to Merseytravel, who give us a standard response that the vessel is surplus to requirements, and refers to the proposal to construct a new vessel which is clearly some years from fruition. Since Steve is responsible for local travel, we believe that he should be made aware of the situation. Perhaps he could use some of his new local transport budget to bring the Royal Daffodil back into service?

We would very much appreciate any help you can give us in arranging such a meeting.

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Hodgson

Malcolm McRonald
Vice Chairman & Treasurer.

Click here to see the response from Steve Rotheram - Metro Mayor, Liverpool City Region

November 2017

Dear Member, 

Autumn leaves are beginning to disappear, and the other week-end Snowdonia had a very wintry chill!
Nonetheless, half-term brought some fine weather, and there were groups of children and coach parties to boost the winding column of people on the Pier Head landing-stage ramp.at noon on Friday 27th October.
More good news is that the evening cruises re-introduced this year have been successful and will be repeated – a facility Friends of the Ferries have long advocated.

Not all has been well on the Ferries, however, and there have been a series of breakdowns to test the patience of regular travellers, and to disappoint tourists and visitors. Overall, my cycle commuter friend confirms that regular cyclists’ numbers are being maintained, and that Liverpool hire bikes are often seen crossing the Mersey to and from New Brighton and the Wirral coastal route. Breakdowns mean buses for foot passengers, but cyclists have a long way round to Hamilton Square Station with the Four Bridges replacement works. Excellent and friendly staff help smooth these upsets, I’m told, and the river is still the best way to travel to work! On November 8th, when trains and buses were on strike, two vessels were in service - a feather in the cap for Mersey Ferries! Friends would award even more feathers if the Royal Daffodil was brought out of lay-up to fill the occasional gaps, and also earn some charter work revenue.

Our summer Dock and River Cruise at the end of May was very successful – almost a sell-out – enhanced by plenty of vessels on the river and in the dock system, ably commentated on by the ever-cheerful Stuart Wood and Andy Ball. We all enjoy their company. As many of you will know. Stuart, a retired Mersey pilot, now takes turns to command the beautifully restored Ship Canal steam tug Daniel Adamson, which has now completed its first full season of cruises. He and Andy broadcast “River Watch” each Saturday at 7.50 am. on Radio Merseyside, well worth a listen.

On the river, we can observe from the ferry the emerging hull of the Sir David Attenborough, the new Antarctic Polar Research ship being built at Cammell Laird. In late August, the stern section was barged around from Hebburn on Tyne to be joined to the rest of the hull. At the Liverpool 2 Seaforth Dock, a second phase is commencing within the dock system - another 3 giant cranes are to be installed. Last week, Stuart drew listeners’ attention to the plan for a new Isle of Man terminal at Liverpool, just north of the Cruise Terminal. The land has been purchased from Peel Ports by the IoM Government, which has a 25 year investment strategy during which a reliable and economic service is to be provided, with new vessels.

The provisional date for our 2017 Dock and River Cruise is 25th August 2018, somewhat later than usual as Mersey Ferries has an extended Ship Canal Cruise programme next year. Make a note in your diary!

Our Newsletter edited by Geoff Holmes is enclosed, and please find tickets for our ever-popular Christmas Draw run by Gordon Ditchfield. Membership receipts or reminders are also enclosed. Joan Roberts continues to attend local events and fairs with her sales stall - see some items below for Christmas presents! My very best wishes to you all for Christmas and the New Year!

Yours sincerely,



Sales items for Christmas may be obtained from Joan Roberts 10 Bayswater Gardens Wallasey Wirral CH45 8LB Tel.0151 639 1435.

For full sales list send SAE. Cheques for SALES ITEMS PAYABLE to Joan Roberts, please.

Colour postcards of the three current ferries, plus 1951 Royal Iris (18p); some black and white cards of historic ferries (10p).

Friends of the Ferries retractable biros (30p). SAE please.

Don Woods DVD’s: Mersey Cruise; Wallasey Past and Present; Liverpool; £8.50 each; CD Songs of the River £7.50; all incl. p&p.

Also, some Norman Colbourne paintings printed as cards, with envelopes (6”x 8”) suitable for greetings or framing: The Old Routine passengers walking around the deck of J.Farley, and Evening Boat with Egremont off Seacombe, plus famous liners at Pier Head with ship history on back: £1 each plus postage (1 or 2 cards 56p; up to 9 £1.22; over 9 £1.58).

22nd June 2017.

Mr Steve Rotheram
Mayor, Liverpool City Region (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Dear Mr Rotheram,

Friends of the Ferries was set up in 1977 to help ensure that the Mersey ferry services were maintained and improved. We would like to offer you our congratulations on your election to this new post, which we understand includes responsibility for transport, and wish to draw attention to an on-going concern we have about Royal Daffodil.

During our existence, Mersey Ferries has ably upgraded the vessels, shore infrastructures, and staff training. In recent times we have had cordial meetings with Councillor Liam Robinson and Gary Evans, the senior officer in charge of Mersey Ferries. Currently we know that initial design-work has started for a brand-new vessel, but it will be some years before this is built, subject to funding. However, Royal Daffodil remains in long-term lay-up in Birkenhead Docks.

Loss of Ferry Services: In the last year the ferry service has suffered many cancelled sailings. The background is that several years ago Merseytravel decided to withdraw Royal Daffodil and to place her in “warm lay-up” in Birkenhead Docks. It was stated at the time that, should she be needed again, she could be brought back into service within about one month. This means that there are now only two ferry vessels available to maintain services.

Serious problems arising from this started in July 2016, when Royal Iris struck a submerged obstruction causing severe damage to her hull, one engine, and propeller. Repairs have taken a long time, and it is only in February this year that she returned to full service. In her absence, there was only one vessel available – Snowdrop, so all trips up the Manchester Ship Canal were cancelled. Worse, when Snowdrop suffered a number of random breakdowns, especially at the year-end, all services were suspended, disruptive to customers, notwithstanding replacement buses. Revenue from tourists was entirely lost. In February this year, she had to be withdrawn for a mandatory annual inspection, and again all services were suspended for days until the repairs were, at last, completed on Royal Iris.

Railway Closures: The Merseyrail track improvements in January/February meant that there were no trains under the Mersey. Merseytravel assured people that the ferry service would play a role in helping to move people over the river during the disruptions. This role was significantly limited by having only one vessel available, and on a number of days no vessel operated (see paragraph above).

Value of the Royal Daffodil: Our view is that Royal Daffodil should have been re-activated as soon as it became clear early last Autumn that the damage to Royal Iris was significant, and that she would be out of service for an extended period.
Royal Daffodil was substantially upgraded in 1998, giving her large saloons, suitable for functions. With the growth of Liverpool as a conference centre, we believe that there is a market for conference-related functions on board her. She could also be used for other events, such as wedding receptions. Current hire charges for a ferry are circa £1000 per hour. In addition, of course, she would be available as a third ferry to provide priority services in the event of future break-downs. She could also operate longer river cruises. We seek a change in Merseytravel’s stance, and some initiatives to bring an income rather than continue the costs of lay-up.
What makes Royal Daffodil’s absence from the river particularly disappointing is that she is the only one of the three ferries to have been built on the Mersey (by Cammell Laird). What a shame that a part of our region’s maritime heritage is no longer available to the public!

In conclusion, we would ask you to review Merseytravel’s decision to lay-up Royal Daffodil, and to have her restored to service as the third Mersey Ferry. This would provide a new facility for the Liverpool City Region’s conference and tourist market, bringing some new revenues to Mersey Ferries and offsetting the present lay-up costs..

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Hodgson,

Chair, Friends of the Ferries across the Mersey, 39 South Parade West Kirby Wirral CH48 0QG.

Click here to read the response from Frank Rodgers - Head of Paid Service, Liverpool City Region

Welcome everybody. Thank you for attending our AGM! Our paid-up Membership remains significant - something under 500 at this time - a slight fall from last year. However, we are taking further measures to ensure that members are clearly reminded when their subscriptions expire as there is some evidence that forgetfulness may play a part in non-renewals. Do please encourage your friends and colleagues to join. We need this strength to argue our case with Merseytravel and Mersey Ferries!

Regarding Mersey Ferry Operations, the last year saw the loss of a ferry vessel for about six months, following the grounding of the Royal Iris in July 2016. This meant an immediate stop to Manchester Ship Canal cruises, and the cancellation of ferry services across the river when ever the sole remaining vessel Snowdrop suffered any mechanical problems. Revenues were reduced, and, more importantly, passenger confidence was lost, especially amongst commuters. Particularly galling was the more recent loss of service from time to time during the rail-tunnel closures, still ongoing, when the repaired Royal Iiris suffered problems while the Snowdrop was having its annual survey – just at the time when new and old passengers might hopefully be encouraged to return to use the service.

These consequences stem, of course, from Mersey Ferries’ insistence that the Royal Daffodil remains in “warm lay-up” as “it is not required”. We argue it is needed, and we have been proved correct! Our view is that no initiatives are being taken to utilize the vessel on charter work in our booming tourist and conference market, and that if efforts were made the funds now spent on laying up the vessel could be more positively employed, which would also provide more flexible back-up when mechanical issues arose.

(The incident to the Royal Iris is being examined by the Marine Accident Investigation Branch of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency. The report is out for consultation with interested parties, and it will be interesting to learn the reasons for the ingress of water and any culpability which can be apportioned. The vessel’s return to service was further extensively delayed when it was later found on trials that significant undiagnosed damage to the transmission system had been incurred).

On a more positive note, Mersey Ferries has stated that they do intend to build a new ferry vessel, and indeed some initial and preliminary work has been started regarding the design. We trust an appropriate vessel emerges (there have been unworkable vessels introduced in previous generations on the Mersey), and that the monies will be forthcoming to build it from the new Mayor of the Liverpool City Region.

The issue of retaining two Wirral terminals appears to have gone away for now, but we need to be aware of ongoing refurbishment costs for the existing structures, especially at Woodside.

Meanwhile, we have a new potential competitor in the guise of the splendidly restored Daniel Adamson steam tug. We also have seen reference to a group which wishes to acquire the Royal Daffodil as static heritage vessel for display and possible entertainment uses. Yet again, we need to remain alert.

Financially, Friends have had another successful year with a satisfactory surplus for the year of over £2,800. As usual, our Dock and River Cruise and Christmas Draw were responsible for much of this. We thank Malcolm, our Hon. Treasurer, for his meticulous work in managing our accounts and he will give more details later in his report.

Our Hon.Publicity and Marketing Officer, Joan Roberts, is in charge of Sales. She has attended quite a number of events and fairs during the year, advertising our Society on both sides of the water. Greatly helped by John Timms, she has generated funds for the Friends through sales, membership subscriptions, and her famous picture raffles. Our grateful thanks to both for the hours spent preparing and running the stalls, and for the significant public relations value which accrues.

Hon.Membership Secretary Gordon Ditchfield services our Subscriptions, and is also responsible for organising the ever-successful Christmas Draw, and making the Dock and River Cruise arrangements. Many thanks to him for carrying out these wide-ranging tasks. I’d also like to thank our Newsletter Editor, Geoff Holmes and our Hon.Secretary David Hocker for the duties they fulfil, and the other members of the Committee - Bob Peers, Terry Edgar and Andrew Blizzard - who have contributed to the smooth running of Friends’ activities. The Committee is able to consider co-opting to the Committee persons who are able and willing to assist our organization.

Our Dock and River Cruise on 25th June last year again had favourable weather, and numerous ships were observed on the river and in the docks.

Indeed, there were too many vessels moving in the docks to allow us to access the Royal Seaforth Terminal, for the first time. The Committee will review the situation after the Cruise this May, and we might need to alter the arrangements we have followed since 1986. Our commentators Andy Ball and Stuart Wood once again enjoyed their day, and will be back this 27th May. Get your tickets this evening – and help sell some to your friends and colleagues! Mersey Ferries continues to be helpful in selling the tickets at all three terminals, and advertising our Cruise on their web-site. Less helpful are Peel Ports, with whom negotiations are taking place regarding the imposition of pilotage charges on our Cruise within the Dock system.

Our Website www.friendsoftheferries.org.uk has been refreshed and now contains some back-dated correspondence and reports to demonstrate our role in protecting the Mersey Ferries. We still need the help of someone who can update the web, but meanwhile we have this undertaken by our excellent professionals at “Designated” based at Vale House, Vale Park.

Your Committee will continue to monitor Mersey Ferries activities on your behalf, and it will be interesting to see how policies emerge now that Merseytravel and Mersey Ferries form part of the Liverpool City Region organization under Mayor Steve Rotheram, who is keen to improve transport facilities.

I look forward to seeing you all on our Dock and River Cruise on 27th May.

Andrew Hodgson,

Hon. Chairman Friends of the Ferries across the Mersey.  

8th May 2017.

As a postscript, and on a sad note, I wish to tell you of the passing of Alison Carter who, with her husband Craig Carter, warmly welcomed our Committee to their home for meetings over many years.

Held on Wednesday May 8th 2017 at the Y.M.C.A., Whetstone Lane, Birkenhead at 7.30 p.m.
The Chairman, Andrew Hodgson, opened the meeting at 7.32 p.m.

Members present: A. Hodgson Hon. Chairman, R. McRonald Hon. Vice Chair and Treasurer, Gordon Ditchfield Hon. Membership Secretary, G. Holmes Newsletter Editor, A. Blizzard, Committee Member, J.T. Edgar Committee Member, R. Peers Committee Member and ten members.

1. Apologies received: G Collinson, D Whiston

2. Minutes of the Thirty-Ninth Annual General Meeting were read and approved with three minor amendments. Adoption of minutes proposed by J.T. Edgar and seconded by P. Dowling. Carried Nem Con. The Chairman then signed the minutes.

3. Chairman’s Report: Attached. In giving his report Andrew Hodgson stated that the Friends’ Membership stands at slightly below 500 with steps taken to remind members of their renewals and the Chair asked that we encourage friends and colleagues to join. Increased numbers will influence Mersey Ferries and Mersey Travel. He further stated that relations with the two organisations remain cordial. In 2016 Mersey Ferries lost the use of the Royal Iris after it was grounded. Revenue and passenger confidence was lost. When Snowdrop was not available whilst the Royal Iris was undergoing its annual inspection during the planed rail closure, made commuting more difficult and proved that a third vessel, the Royal Daffodil, could have provide a valued service, if it hadn’t been laid up. A full account may be read in the Chairs Report. Mersey Ferries plan to build a new ferry. Monies sort from the new Mayor City Region.

Financially “Friends” have had another successful year, with the Dock and River Cruise and Christmas Draw being responsible for the major part of our profits. The Chair thanked Malcolm McRonald Hon Treasurer, Marketing and Publicity Officer, Joan Roberts helped by John Timms, Hon Membership Secretary, Gordon Ditchfield, News Letter Editor, Geoff Holmes and Our Hon Secretary, David Hocker for the duties they fulfil. Special thanks to Andrew Blizard, Terry Edgar and Bob Peers for their help and support.

Dock and River Cruise on the 25th June 2016, because of the amount of vessels in the docks it was felt that the arrangements of how we run the cruise will be review at the next meeting. The day was made more enjoyable by the informed commentary by Andy Ball and Stewart Woods and they have agreed to doing this again in 2017. Mersey Ferries continue to sell our tickets from their terminals.

Our website continues to be updated but the chair asked for help in running this.

On a sad note, the chair informed those present of the sad news of the passing of Alison Carter wife of our late News Letter Editor.

Closing, Andrew said that he hoped to see all the attendees on the Cruise on May 27th, sales for which were going well.

Geoff Holmes asked if Holton will be included in the City Region and would they contribute to this. Andrew Hodgson suggested that they would. Adrian Sweeney informed the members that the fee for the new toll bridge across the Mersey was going to be £2 and would be collected by the use of a camera operated, number plate recognition system.

4. Treasurer’s Report: Attached: Malcolm McRonald took the meeting through the Financial Report and pointed out the success of the Dock and River Cruise and the Christmas Draw.

Postage cost for this year are substantially up on last year because we have been running on previously bought stamps before the price increase. The cost of printing the News Letter has gone down and the cost of the AGM was also down. A major cost is the running of the website, redesign, training and instruction of its use. The sales account reflect the work Joan Roberts does. Our Hon Treasurer explained that we have to pay tax on the profit of tickets sold to non-members. Adrian Sweeney suggested that a way around this might be to make people buying personal tickets become members.    

5. Adoption of the Accounts for the year ending 31/03/2017: 
Proposed by John Timms and Seconded by Geoff Holmes. Approved “Nem Con”.

6. Election of Members to the Management Committee: Moved by the Chairman that these be elected en bloc.

A. Blizzard, Terry Edgar, Andrew Hodgson and Geoff Holmes. All willing to stand Proposed by Bob Peers and Seconded by Adrian Sweeney. Approved “Nem Con”.

7. Election of Officers to the Society: Proposed by Geoff Holmes and Seconded by A. Blizzard. Approved “Nem Con”.

8. Appointment of Reporting Accountants Messrs Stonebridge Stewart.

They also enter our tax return which can only be done by them online (without charge). Malcolm McRonald also pointed out that they only check what has been submitted.

Proposed by Joan Roberts and Seconded by Terry Edgar. Approved “Nem Con”.

9. Any other Business.

David Hocker Hon Secretary thanked Geoff Holmes for taking the minutes at last years AGM.

At the date of the meeting, 91 tickets had been sold by Mersey Ferries and 72 by the committee. Gordon Ditchfield said it was very difficult to communicate with Mersey Ferries and that we require the sale of 230 tickets to break even.

Andre Hodgson suggested that we may be charged for pilotage which could be in the region of £600.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 8.20 p.m.

Dear Member,

Our late Easter has’nt provided the warmer temperatures we may have hoped for, but at least the Saturday gave us plenty of sun, although tempered by a fresh breeze. So, enjoy the river with Mersey Ferries – the first trip up to Manchester has already run!

The Royal Iris has had a long sojourn in dock after the grounding incident off Eastham last summer. The Marine Accident Investigation Branch report is currently the subject of consultation with the main parties. Initially, the vessel seemed only to suffer hull damage, but after repair, transmission damage was found, requiring a further lay-up. Once the Royal Iris was back on the river, the Snowdrop was taken off service for a mandatory annual survey, so for a long period the ferry service has been down to one vessel. Some services have had to be cancelled due to breakdowns. This must have particularly dented the confidence of commuters - and just before Easter, the Royal Iris suffered more mechanical problems, again resulting in no ferry service for several days, and this at a time when Mersey Ferries need to demonstrate a reliable service to woo more passengers during the congestion arising from the Loop Line closures. There is sadly no further news on the re-commissioning of the Royal Daffodil, whose engines we learn from Mersey Ferries are in good order. We continue to consider this vessel as an operational asset in the burgeoning Mersey visitor economy, although a Preservation Trust wishes to save her as a static heritage attraction.

Elsewhere on the Mersey, the new Peel Ports Liverpool 2 Dock in the open river has been partly commissioned. No regular services have yet been started, but new schedules may take time, due partly perhaps to major reorganizations within the shipping world. Internet reports suggest that additional cranes are still due, and that some parts of the dock require modification. Little sister Garston Docks has also been receiving a range of investments, including the “largest type of hydraulic crane in the world”, costing £1.8 million. The Finnish crane is mobile, and has versatile tools to help deal with 500,000 tons per year of cargoes including metals, forest products, and aggregates. Finally, designs are currently being invited for a new Cruise Liner Terminal 300
metres north of the present one at the Pier Head (10 years old this year). Passenger capacity will be 3,600, twice the existing.

Please don’t forget to renew your annual subscription for 2017/8, now due from April 1st (see the slip below).

Our Annual Dock and River Cruise takes place on Saturday 27th May, starting at 12.00 noon from Seacombe, then
picking-up at Pier Head and Woodside. Andy Ball and Stuart Wood will give the commentary. Please make every effort to advertise it to your friends, neighbours and local activity groups. We can send an email poster to people or organizations if you advise us. Tickets bookable below, or from the three ferry terminals. Meanwhile, I may see you at our AGM on Monday
8th May at Birkenhead YMCA, when Adrian Sweeney (World Ship Society, and editor of Ships of Mann), will speak to us.

Yours sincerely,

Hon. Chairman     


Sales items may be obtained from Joan Roberts 10 Bayswater Gardens Wallasey Wirral CH45 8LB Tel.0151 639 1435.

For full sales list send SAE. Cheques for SALES ITEMS PAYABLE to Joan Roberts please.

Colour postcards of the three current ferries, plus 1951 Royal Iris (18p); some black and white cards of historic ferries (10p).

Friends of the Ferries retractable biros (30p); SAE please.

Don Woods DVD’s: Mersey Cruise; Wallasey Past and Present; Liverpool; £8.50 each; CD Songs of the River £7.50; all incl. p&p.

Also, some Norman Colbourne paintings printed as cards, with envelopes (6”x 8”) suitable for greetings or framing:The Old Routine passengers walking around the deck of J.Farley, and Evening Boat with Egremont approaching Seacombe, plus famous past liners at Pier Head with ship history on back: £1 each plus postage (1/2 cards 56p; up to 9 £1.22; over 9 £1.58).


SUBSCRIPTION RENEWAL and CRUISE BOOKING (subscription receipts will be sent with Nov. Newsletter).

To: Friends of the Ferries                                                                          From:...........................................................             

c/o 7 Foxcovers Road Bebington Wirral CH63 3EQ                                       ...........................................................                

I enclose PAYMENT TO FRIENDS OF THE FERRIES to cover:                         ...........................................................

My own subscription renewal for 2017/8                                              £2.00             ...........................................................

...... subscription renewals for other members@ £2 each (please list)  £......              Postcode..........................

..... Adult cruise tickets @ £26.00 each (Saturday 27th May)             £......             

..... Child cruise tickets @ £13.00 each                                                 £.....                                                                                               

Please enclose s.a.e. for Cruise tickets              Total enclosed            £........            Signed ...............................     Date.............