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Chair's Letter April 2017

Dear Member,

Our late Easter has’nt provided the warmer temperatures we may have hoped for, but at least the Saturday gave us plenty of sun, although tempered by a fresh breeze. So, enjoy the river with Mersey Ferries – the first trip up to Manchester has already run!

The Royal Iris has had a long sojourn in dock after the grounding incident off Eastham last summer. The Marine Accident Investigation Branch report is currently the subject of consultation with the main parties. Initially, the vessel seemed only to suffer hull damage, but after repair, transmission damage was found, requiring a further lay-up. Once the Royal Iris was back on the river, the Snowdrop was taken off service for a mandatory annual survey, so for a long period the ferry service has been down to one vessel. Some services have had to be cancelled due to breakdowns. This must have particularly dented the confidence of commuters - and just before Easter, the Royal Iris suffered more mechanical problems, again resulting in no ferry service for several days, and this at a time when Mersey Ferries need to demonstrate a reliable service to woo more passengers during the congestion arising from the Loop Line closures. There is sadly no further news on the re-commissioning of the Royal Daffodil, whose eng